5 Tips to Shed Pounds This Summer

So you spent the winter working hard.  You exercised consistently, you were careful to eat healthier foods and you watched your portion sizes. But Summer, in spite of all the fun and relaxation it brings, can be tricky and deal us a cruel blow when it comes to our health and fitness goals. Have you…

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Coffee and Your Hormones

Over the years, coffee has endured both praise and opposition. So the question is….Is it good for you, bad for you, or both? Coffee is more popular than ever, which contributes to its contradictory status. In moderation, coffee poses minimal health risks for most people. But many now consume coffee in large quantities, which can…

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3 Diet Quick Fixes to Avoid

From magazine covers to infomercials, you will see countless promises of quick results and miracle programs. Lose 30 pounds in 10 days! 5 days to 6 pack abs!! In this blog, I want to shed light on some of the most popular QUICK weight loss strategies that may work temporarily, but can hurt you over…

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