Discover the 5 KEY strategies to feel your best during midlife and beyond.

Hi I'm Barbara St. Louis.
Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Former Crazy Dieter. I'm super passionate about teaching women a sustainable approach for nutrition and exercise so they can feel their best during midlife and beyond! 



Over the years, I’ve struggled with my own weight and body image. Being the driven busy woman that I’ve always been, I was trying to keep up with my career, family and education. But the truth was, I didn’t know how to balance it all and as a result, my health, weight and self-esteem suffered because of it. I knew I needed to take better care of myself but the demands of work and family often took a priority.

Ready to Ditch the Yo Yo?

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Are you tired of jumping from exercise program to exercise program without seeing any real change in your body or your energy levels? Allow me the time to discuss your concerns, where you currently are, and where you want to be in relation to your health and fitness goals. 

Not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

Not for a day, but everyday

Not to feel good in a dress, but to feel good in my skin

Not to please you, but to please me

Not to win, but to meet my goals

Not to pretend I’m young, but to age gracefully

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You’ve tried it all…Counting Calories, Counting Points, Tracking Macros, Weighing Food, Paleo, Whole30, Intermittent Fasting, Cleanses.

You are lured into trying every latest diet trend with the promise of quick, easy weight loss believing that this one will be the answer to your weight loss prayers. Does this sound familiar? If yes, then I can help! I’ve been there! You are not alone. You aren’t lazy. You don’t need more motivation. You don’t need more willpower. You are not the problem and you CAN do something about this. It isn't about a lack of willpower, but a lack of understanding of why diets don’t work. If you’re ready to feel better than you have in years, it’s time to try my proven system. It’s worked for me and countless clients, and I know it will work for you, too.


Latest articles and information to help you end the battle with

your weight & food and to finally ditch the diet roller coaster.

What Happens to Your Body During Menopause?

By Barbara St. Louis

Mood swings. Weight gain. Hot flashes.  Night Sweats. Brain Fog For many women, their body is doing things they don’t recognize and they feel it’s all out of their control. Is this normal? Is there anything you can do? In this two part series, I’m going to share what happens to your body during menopause…

Stress & Belly Fat

By Barbara St. Louis

The other day a client of mine asked me: “I have all this fat around my middle, but my legs and arms are still in pretty good shape. What does this mean? Why do I store fat this way?” After the age of 40 (actually 35!), your hormones are pretty much in control of how…

5 Tips to Shed Pounds This Summer

By Barbara St. Louis

So you spent the winter working hard.  You exercised consistently, you were careful to eat healthier foods and you watched your portion sizes. But Summer, in spite of all the fun and relaxation it brings, can be tricky and deal us a cruel blow when it comes to our health and fitness goals. Have you…

Client Love & Support

"Working with Barbara was amazing. She has a passion for working with women and empowering us to get our life back through health and fitness. Because of my schedule, I would complain about not having time to workout, and with Barbara’s guidance, she not only created a custom-fit workout plan, she tailored it to my time and the results I wanted to see."
"Ditch the Yo Yo was very thorough! The program covered all the bases from Mindset, which is a must and for me and the hardest to Meal planning. I did not have any questions because there was always a course or pdf file that I could reference. ...The Facebook group was a good source of support for days when you felt like you are the only one struggling. Also Barbara, could not have offered more information or support! The modules, videos, workouts, soft pushes, kind words when we are beating ourselves up and worksheets were all great."
"Joining Ditch the Yo Yo and working with Barbara has tremendously helped and blessed my life. I have never been so motivated in my life. I have lost inches and gained muscle. I have also gained a lot of knowledge of what I put into my body, how to eat and how much to eat and changed my Mindset!! Going back over what I learned in the modules has helped me to look at diets/cleanses differently. Coach B is helping to change my life!! She has in ways no one could ever imagine. " 
"My biggest take away from the program was changing my mindset and not focusing on losing weight . I learned that setting and writing down S.M.A.R.T. goals is really important in my journey and the best way to help achieving a goal. My nutrition has really improved throughout the program. I incorporate more veggies into my diet. I make sure to eat a balanced meal . When I worked out I eat a little bit more of protein and veggies. I really loved the FB group community. I would ask questions or put how I was feeling and I knew that the coach and the other lovely ladies would help." 

"I really enjoy this group. I’ve always tried a workout regimen but life always got in the way. It was school, family, or work. I realize that I an getting older and life is always going to throw me something good or bad, so it’s now or never to get fit and stay fit. I joined the group to toned up and to maintain a healthy diet and so far I love the transformation that is taking place. I was afraid of lifting weights because I thought I was going to bulk up but instead I trusted the process and I am toning up and I love it. I have lost inches and have gained discipline."

- Brenda W

"I’ve lost weight before, for a special occasion but it was soo hard and I pretty much starved myself. This program, with my coach Barbara St Louis and this group of ladies makes things easier, faster and actually fun. I love the accountability I get from this group but also without judgement. I love how everyone is feeling the pressures of life and kids and yet will workout anywaysI! I’ve only been on the program for less than a week and the scale has already gone down. I’m full everyday and the workouts are quick lol maybe not painless but quick and feeling the burn means it’s working, I love this group!"